OFA GS-62344F25M-T  EL-12928-T    


GV CH Hickoryhill's Bull Durham   HIC ROM OFA

GV CH Stoneway's Uecker ROM   OFA H&E

Toro of Jeanden

DuChein's Ghia of Langenau

HundeHaus Zoee Rosita

CH Pairadice's Huganut

Remy's Crystal Rose

Caretti-Ledroc's Online OFA H&E

CH Jerr's Rebel Without A Cause HIC OFA H&E

CH Pinebeach's Stars N' Stripes ROM OFA

Cross Timber's Chuey Clihu ROM OFA

Ledroc-Caretti's Sugarfoot OFA H&E

Amherst's Lake Dallas OFA H&E

CH Caretti's Footloose OFA H&E


Bred to a limited number of bitches, EZ  proved to be an

exceptional producer.  Click below to learn

about his winning progeny. 



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